Reaching the Consumer in Algeria

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Water treatment and management, building, banking, food industry, automobile.
Consumer Behavior
Price is the essential element in the Algerian consumer's decision to buy. The brand name becomes an element in choosing only if its price is reasonable. A not insignificant part of household budgets goes to housing and food expenses.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
In spite of the marked improvement in the Algerians' purchasing power, the country is still quite far from being what is called a consumer society. Algerians are careful in the management of their income. Badly curbed inflation, especially on essential goods because of the rise in their prices on the world market, encourages households to practise a certain restraint.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
Consumer credit is recent. 60% of the loans made to households are oriented towards real estate (very expensive in Algeria), and 40% towards consumer loans (cars, household appliances, IT, furnishings, etc.). In 2007, 700 000 Algerian consumers had taken out a loan of this type. The level of outstanding payments is very low (only 2%).
Consumers Associations
List of 52 consumer associations , drawn up by the Algerian Ministry of Commerce.

Media in Which to Advertise

Television advertising has a big impact on Algerian consumers. But it is foreign channels (Arab and French) which have more than 50% of the audience share.

Main Televisions
Advertising in the press is very commonly used in Algeria, because of its low cost compared to other media.
There is no advertising by mail.
In Transportation Venues
Buses, bus shelters and billboards are the main advertising media.

Market Leaders:
National Communication, Publishing and Advertising Company (public agency)
Avenir Décoration
Radio advertising makes it possible to reach a very wide audience. It is broadcast above all on local radio stations and promotes well-known brand names.

Main Radios
Lists of Algerian Radios
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
Only about two million Algerians are connected to Internet, i.e. about 7% of the population. Advertising on this kind of medium is not widespread yet.
Main Advertising Agencies
Publicis Group
Memac Ogilvy

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

In principle, no law prohibits advertising alcohol.
In principle, no law prohibits advertising tobacco.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
ANEP, National Communication, Publishing and Advertising Company (in French)

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