Dining in Algeria

Overview by Globlatrade.net:
Categories of Restaurant
  • Hotel Restaurants
Continental and local cuisine.
  • Good quality Restaurants
These restaurants offer a wide choice of cuisine, be it continental or local.
See the list of restaurants drawn up by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Algeria.

See the list of restaurants in Algiers on the 16alger.com website
  • Traditional Restaurants
In most big cities. It is very difficult to find a good restaurant serving traditional cuisine (strange, but that's how it is!).
  • Quatre saisons (Four seasons)
Popular fast food (grills, roast meat, etc.).
Rules For Eating Out
Prices displayed in restaurants and cafés are shown with tax and service included. A tip is not compulsory, but it is usual to leave some change on the table after paying the bill (about 1 to 2% of the bill).

Price Indications

Economy Meal From 5 to 20 EUR
Medium Price Meal From 40 to 60 EUR
Good Quality Meal Over 80 EUR
Food Specialties
Lamb with prunes and almonds - Lahm Lhalou : this is a rich, sweet dish.
Couscous which can be prepared with selected vegetables.

You can find recipes typical of Algerian cuisine on the Algerian Cuisine website.
Selecto : national fizzy drink
Mint tea
Dietary Restrictions
Islam forbids Muslims to eat pork. Alcohol must only be consumed in dedicated establishments.
Table Manners
Traditions are basically the same as in the south of Europe; it is rare to eat with your fingers, except for a Méchoui (whole lamb roasted on a wood fire). Algerians like to entertain, sometimes in the traditional way where they eat around a low table, sitting on a pouffe or on something resembling a sofa. The food is often filling; leave a little on your plate if you do not want more, otherwise you risk being served another helping.

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