Dining in Argentina

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Categories of Restaurant
  • Parilla
Traditional Argentine Restaurant. Beef is their specialty.
  • Foreign cuisine restaurants
Many Peruvian restaurants, also Mexican, Italian, French, etc.
  • Traditional restaurants
Specialties are pizzas, milanesas, empanadas,etc.
  • Cantinas
Popular fast food
Rules For Eating Out
In general, the prices displayed do not include the cover charge. In addition, it is customary to leave a tip of 10% of the bill.

Price Indications

Economy Meal 15 to 20 pesos
Medium Price Meal 30 to 60 pesos
Good Quality Meal over 80 pesos
Food Specialties
Beef is the meat which is eaten in all its forms countrywide in Argentina:
- Bife de lomo (a very thick and very tender filet)
- Bife de chorizo (very popular in Argentina, a sirloin cooked in its own fat).
Beef is also eaten Gaucho style with Parilladas or Asados (BBQs) where filets, rib steaks, blood sausage, chorizo, sweetbreads, etc. are cooked over the coals, and, of course, as always in Argentina, the portions are enormous. The ideal accompaniment to this delicious meat is Chimichuri, a sort of Argentine mustard based on 22 different herbs.

Other specialties are:
- Charcoal grilled lamb
- Ewe's milk cheeses
- Alfajores de Cordoba : sandwich biscuits filled with dulce de leche and covered with chocolate or vanilla.
- Carbonada en Zapallo : Stuffed gourd. Here you can find all Argentina's produce. You can use cubes of beef but in some coastal regions, they are replaced by fish.
- Dulce de leche (caramelized milk) : This caramelized milk crossed the South American borders a few years ago. It is eaten with bread, like a jam, chocolates are filled with it and it is spread between piled up pancakes.
- Matambre (rolled up beef with hard boiled eggs): This is a traditional dish which is served hot or cold and the name means literally "kills hunger".
- Parilla: Argentine BBQ. People love the offal which is served as a garnish. The rib steak is served on a wooden board.
- Rogel de Dulce de leche : Millefeuille made with dulce de leche.



There is a wide variety of Argentine wines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Syrha).
Dietary Restrictions
Raw meat and horse flesh are almost banned from traditional restaurants.
Table Manners
Meals in restaurants are always convivial and lively. Table manners observe the same codes of propriety as in Europe or the US, but in a lighter way. Empanadas, a local specialty, are now the only dish which is eaten with the fingers. At some dinners men may be on one side of the table and women on the other!

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