Travel Security in Argentina

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Health Precautions

Obligatory Vaccination and Other Recommendations
There are no vaccination requirements for international journeys. The risk of malaria is only in its mild form P.vivax; the risk is low and limited to rural areas along the borders with Bolivia (plains of the provinces of Salta and Jujuy) and Paraguay (plains of the provinces of Corrientes and Misiones). The recommended prevention in areas of risk is CHL (chloroquine).
Guard against traveler's diarrhea (Turista). Highest risk foods are prepared dishes which are later eaten cold; seafood, meat, fish which are undercooked or badly cooked, and raw vegetables as well as fruits you have not peeled yourself are also taking a risk. Drinking water must be boiled and filtered or drunk from sealed bottles.
If an accident occurs on the public highway, the injured person is automatically taken to the emergency department of a public hospital, where the first aid is basic. It is then up to the injured person to have himself transferred to a private clinic, with the agreement of his insurance company.
For Further Information
World Health Organization website (WHO)

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Safety Conditions

Over the last few months, the lack of safety which also affects tourists in the city of Buenos Aires, has become such that the new government has made a priority of the fight against crime. It is more than ever recommended that foreign tourists be very careful in airports, railway stations, hotels and restaurants, and that they keep a particularly close eye on their baggage in these places.
Some "express" kidnappings have been reported. The victims are quickly released after a ransom has been paid or after they have been forced to withdraw money from an ATM.
Terrorist Risk
No risk
Risk of Natural Disaster
No risk
Traveling Women Conditions
Traveling conditions are the same for men as for women.
For Further Information
The advice to travelers of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Current Travel Warnings of the US State Department

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