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Incentives or guarantees

Forms of Aid
Subsidies, discounts and reductions of costs, tax exemptions, loan guarantees, payment of expenses for personnel training
Privileged Domains
The Australian government encourages investment essentially in Research and Development and in the creation of new industries. The Department of Industry, Science and Tourism (DIST) plays a vital role in these incentive policies. Allowances are granted to investors who take part in certain Research and Development activities in high technology sectors.
Privileged geographical sectors
Privileged Geographical Zones
There are some free zones in Australia, such as the Northern Territory Trade Development Zone, which have been established to attract multinationals.
Country Risk

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Tax incentives offered to foreign investors

Special tax treatments
The Federal government offers incentives in limited circumstances on the basis of eligibility criteria. Grants and concessions are available to companies that are conducting business in Australia and are liable for company tax. A capital gains tax concession is given to facilitate non-resident investment in the Australian venture capital industry, in order to provide a source of equity capital for relatively high-risk start-up and expanding businesses. The six states and two territories offer a range of additional incentives to local and foreign companies, including “holidays” from state taxes and charges, concessional rentals of industrial land and limited direct financial assistance. In addition, there is a research and development tax credit system.


For more information on tax incentive programs you can access Austrade website and Invest Victoria website. 

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Invest Australia
Invest Victoria

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