Distribution Networks in Australia

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Types of Outlet

Supermarkets and mini-markets
Located on the outskirts of towns but also sometimes in the town center. They sell foodstuffs and non food products. Mini-markets are smaller and located in town.
Specialized Hypermarkets
Hypermarkets specialized in one family of products.
Rebel Sport
Department Stores
Located in the town center on several floors. They have various specialized departments.
David Jones
Hard discount
Mainly for food. They sell products of the distributor's own brand or no brand at all. People prefer them for their discount prices.
Small shops
Specialized local shops: grocer's, butcher's, fishmonger's, greengrocer's, cheese shops, delicatessens, baker's, cake shops, florist's. People prefer them for the quality of their products, human contact and advice.
Cash and Carry
Hypermarkets reserved for professionals.

Evolution of the Retail Sector

Growth and Regulation
The Australian market is clearly conditioned by the size of the country. Centers of distribution are concentrated in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in the East and Perth in the West. 70% of the population lives on the East coast. These cities are so far from each other that each one constitutes a separate market.
Market Shares
The distribution of foodstuffs is carried out mainly by 4 large chains who share 80% of the market. They are Woolworths, Coles Myer, Franklins and ALDI.
The distribution of consumer goods is more diversified and segmented, although trading groups are beginning to expand. David Jones is a chain of top of the range department stores as is Myer.
There are many smaller retail chains for consumer goods, which operate as franchises, or shops which belong to the franchisees, generally individuals or very small companies such as Harvey Norman, Howards Storage World, The Good Guys, Mitre 10, Retravision.
Bunnings, Target and K-Mart are chains which operate in a more traditional way.
Organizations in the Retail Sector
Australian Retailers Association

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