Dining in Australia

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Categories of Restaurant
  • Food court
“Take away”: to take out or eat on the spot. Cheap (10-20 AUD) and including multicultural restaurants (Indian, Thai, Lebanese, Chinese…)
  • Pub
Traditional Pub lunches, English or Irish style.
  • Restaurant
Classic, generally good quality, resembling European restaurants. Modern Australian cuisine and restaurants of all cultures.
Rules For Eating Out
The prices displayed in restaurants and cafés are shown with taxes and service included. A tip is not compulsory, but people often leave change on the table after paying the bill (about 5% of the bill).

Price Indications

Economy Meal 20 AUD
Medium Price Meal 20-50 AUD
Good Quality Meal + than 50 AUD
Food Specialties
Australian cuisine, which still had a bad reputation 30 years ago, has been enriched by contributions from the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Asia. Melbourne for example is a Mecca for worldwide gastronomy. "Contemporary Australian cuisine" is rich in sea foods: barramundi, crayfish, etc. Vegemite is a pure product of local culture.
We can mention:
- Australian Cheesecake.
- Australian Dinkum Chili: Australian chilli with bacon, beef and pork, seasoned with cumin, garlic, chilli powder and onions.
- Chicken with basil sauce.
- Curried Mussels with Mushrooms.
- Kangaroo Escalopes with Spinach and Anchovy Butter.
- Octopus Salad.
- Anzac Biscuits.
- Strawberry Meringue Pudding.
Today wine is almost as popular as beer, the national drink. Aperitifs and liqueurs are less common. On the other hand, alcopops (alcoholic drinks mixed with fruit juice or cola) are very popular with young adults.
Dietary Restrictions
Dietary restrictions are almost inexistent but may vary, in this multicultural country, according to religion.
Table Manners
Table manners are continental. Before starting, you say "Enjoy your meal". If you are invited to eat with an Australian family, the meal will be very relaxed.

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