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Commercial Intermediaries

Trading Companies
  • Type of Organization
Belgium's distribution and sales system is highly developed and regulated by law. Most sales are performed through intermediaries, distributors, and agents. Because of the small size of the country, the distribution territory normally covers the Benelux countries?the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg?and sometimes Germany and France.
  • Type of Organization
In addition to their role as a commercial intermediary, wholesalers also offer services such as making up ranges, storage, repackaging, delivery, etc. Wholesalers are generally specialized in a certain type of convenience goods or in equipment for industry and the craft industry.
  • Main Actors
Huyghebaert, EMD, Carrefour.
Useful Resources
European industrial relations observatory
Wholesale distribution
Belgian wholesalers

Using a Commercial Agent

The Advantages
.Flexibility, no fixed costs.
Where to Be Vigilant
Indemnities in of breach of the contract.
Elements of Motivation
Commission, exclusivity.
The Average Amount of Commission
From 5% to 30%.
Finding a Commercial Agent
Union of Belgian Independants Commercial Agents (UBAC), 43 Rue du Tournois
Tel : +32 23444545
Fax: +32 23430243

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Evolution of the Sector
Franchise sector is growing. The first franchise in Belgium was created in 1930. Today, 30000 people work for a franchise. More information on Observatory of the franchise or on the website of the Belgian Franchise federation.
Some Big Franchises
Observatory of the franchise Belgium
Everything about franchise in Belgium

Finding Assistance

Export Trading Companies
Belgian Treboro trading
Recommended Resource
Find more on about Selling to Belgium.

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