Consumption/VAT/Sales Tax in Belgium

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Nature of the Tax
VAT (value added tax)
Standard Rate
Reduced Tax Rate
Between 6% and 12 %. 7% on special goods (like TV service, social estate, etc), 6% on first necessity goods (like transport, food, medicine, art, papers and books, etc). 
For further information consult Flanders investments and trade.
Exclusion From Taxation
Are VAT exempted: Some books, notary fees, lawyers costs, doctors costs, museums, artists, profesional sportives, education institutions, elderly home, non profit organizations, some bank services, etc.
More information are available on the Belgium government portal.
Method of Calculation, Declaration and Settlement
Complete information on the website of the Ministry of finance (only in French or Flemish).
Other Consumption Taxes
Excises apply in Belgium on alcohol. tobacco, petrol, luxury goods, gas, coffee and tea, etc.

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