Dining in Belgium

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Categories of Restaurant
  • Restaurants and pubs
Very dense concentration in the whole country. To find a restaurant in Belgium: Resto.be, Horest.

Price Indications

Economy Meal 25 EUR
Medium Price Meal 50 EUR
Good Quality Meal 80 EUR
Food Specialties
Belgian food is varied. There are numerous regional specialties. You will be able to enjoy some Waterzooi, tomatoes with gray shrimp, mussels in white wine, the famous Flemish carbonnades and you can finish your meal with one of those well-known waffels.

Belgian cuisine, which is related to the French one, but with some very distinctive touches, offers many dishes worth trying. A well-known speciality are the Belgian chocolates which are sold all over the world.
And then there is the national dish, "French" Fries ("frites"), which, according to legend, were invented in Belgium, not France, and which are supposed to be better here than in any other place in world.

For more information, see the Real Travel website.

Belgium offers an incredible diversity of beers. The most well known mass-produced ones are Stella Artois, Duvel (literally: the Devil, beware, 8.5%!), Leffe, Jupiler (plain standard beer), Hoegaarden (white beer).
The names given to some beers are pretty imaginative: eg Verboden Vrucht (Forbidden Fruit), Judas, Delirium Tremens. Warmly recommended are also Kriek (sweet or sour cherry beer) and, for the Christmas season, Stille Nacht (Silent night).
Dietary Restrictions
There are no particular food restrictions in Belgium.
Table Manners
Table manners are Continental. The fork is held in the left hand and the knife in the right while eating.

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