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Immigration Authority
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Transportation Companies For Moving/Removals

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Ranking of Cities

Cost of Living
The cost of living is the highest in Latin America because of the value of the currency. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro: the most expensive cities in Latin America, ranked respectively 62nd and 64th in the world according to Mercer Consulting. The cost of living is also high in Brasilia, especially for real estate. The cost of living is much less expensive in the north and north-east of Brazil.
Quality of Life
The large urban areas are very polluted, road traffic is dense and badly regulated. Towns on the sea can offer a more pleasant living environment.
Sanitary Conditions
Conditions of hygiene in town are quite acceptable, but unfortunately not for all the population. Tap water is not drinkable, but filtering it is enough, or you can buy 10 liter carboys in all small shops.
For Further Information
The Mercer Human Ressource Consulting list concerning cost of living and sanitary conditions

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Renting an Apartment

Description of Apartments
Apartments (« apartamento ») in all price ranges according to town, district, comfort. Many apartments in town have security services, swimming pool, gym.
Normal Lease Term
The shorter and more flexible the lease, the more you will pay. « Temporadas » are short term furnished rentals (a few months at most). Leases are usually for 1 year, and can be terminated with notice of one month minimum.
Rental Costs
A deposit is required. The price will depend on the type of apartment, on the town, the district and on your situation (whether you have guarantees or not).
Agencies or Private Rentals
Going through an agency: gains time but may be expensive. It is preferable to rent from private individuals.
Rental Agency Websites
Property in Brazil
Directory of real estate agencies
RT Imobiliaria
Private Rentals Announcements Online
Expatriates.com Brazil
Green acres
Other Possibilities For Accommodation
You can stay with local people; get information on the spot.
For Further Information
Expat Focus

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School System

School Level
It reflects the inequality of Brazilian society. Universities are public, generally excellent and free, but only children whose parents have been able to send them to elementary school, secondary school and a private prep school for university called "vestibular" can go there. Public education at elementary and secondary schools is of a distinctly lower level than that of private schools.
Infant education (from 3 to 5)
Fundamental education (from 6 to 14)
Middle education (from 15 to 17)
Vestibular (18/19 )
First University cycle (4 years)
Second University cycle (2/3 years)
Third University cycle (3/4 years)
International Schools
Network of American and French schools in Brazil.
List of international schools in Brazil.
For Further Information
Ministry of Education

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Health System

Quality of Healthcare
Healthcare is of very varying quality in Brazil. The universal healthcare system is accessible to everyone, but it is of poor quality and there are long waiting times. However, private clinics have an excellent reputation and the country is also a place for "medical tourism", especially for cosmetic surgery.
International Hospitals
The American Hospital in São Paulo. It is not advisable to go to a public hospital in Brazil. Apart from the language barrier, the quality of healthcare is only average, and there are endless waiting times. It is better to go to a doctor for slight problems or to a private clinic if the problem is more serious.
Health Insurance
Theoretically, the social security system gives all citizens free access to healthcare, but private complementary insurance has to be paid for.
Accessibility of the Health Insurance Network to Foreigners
Health System Insurance Body
Medical insurers
Social security and public health services
Health Ministry
Ministry of Health

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