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Main Useful Means of Transport
17% of domestic transport is carried out by sea or by waterway; sea traffic plays a leading role in international goods transport, since it transports 97% of Brazilian exports. A total of some 350 million tonnes of goods are transported by this means every year.
Brazil's large cities are well served by air. However, goods transport is not much developed, mainly because of the high cost of this type of transport.
Practically all the State capitals are linked by tarmacked roads. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other important States have expressways. The road and motorway network covers approximately 1.5 million kilometers, of which some160 000 are tarmacked, an increase of more than 300% over the last two decades. This is the means of transport used most, as it handles about 85% of the transport of people and Brazilian products. Recently, the exploitation of several motorways has been transferred to the private sector.
The railway network carries 22.5% of goods traffic. Only 7% of the lines are electrified.

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By Air

Brazilian airports website
Transport Professionals
Links to air transport companies
Government Transport Organizations
National Civil Aviation Agency

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By Road

Transport Professionals
Links to road transport companies
Professional carriers' association
Government Transport Organizations
National land transport agency

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By Rail

Transport Professionals
Links to rail transport companies
List of contractors on the Ministry website
Government Transport Organizations
National land transport agency

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