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Working Conditions

Opening Hours
  • Legal Weekly Duration
44 hours
Although the norm in Brazilian and foreign companies is 5 weekly working days of 8 hours.
  • Maximum Duration
Overtime is paid 50% more than the basic wage. The maximum number of hours per day and/or per week is 2 hours a day, with the agreement of both parties.
  • Night Hours
A maximum of six consecutive hours is allowed. Hours worked over this are considered to be overtime. Night time: from 10 pm to 5 am.
Working Rest Day
Saturday and Sunday.
Paid Annual Vacation
30 days of annual vacation granted at the end of the first year in the job.
Retirement Age
In the civil service, the minimum retirement age is 55 for women and 60 for men. In the private sector, men have to have contributed for 35 years to the retirement scheme and women for 30 years. If the number of years of contributions is lower than these figures but over 15 years, it is also possible to retire at 65 for men and 60 for women. Without these conditions, there is a minimum retirement pension accessible to everyone over 65.
Child Labor and Minimum Age For Employment
The minimum age for working is 16 and 14 for apprentices.
Informal Labor Market
Nearly 25% of the active population works in the informal sector, and almost as many are self-employed, 80% undeclared. In total, the informal sector represents almost half of the labor market in Brazil.

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The Cost of Labor


Minimum Wage
415 BRL monthly (247 USD) in 2008. The payment of an annual bonus in the form of a 13th month is obligatory. A transport allowance is also imposed.
Average Wage
Average monthly gross earnings in Brazil is BRL 1,113 (USD 573).
Other Forms of Pay
  • Pay For Overtime
150% of the basic wage.
A maximum of six consecutive hours is allowed. Hours worked over this are considered to be overtime.
  • Pay For Rest Days Worked
Considered to be overtime (50% more than the basic wage).
  • Pay For Night Hours
In urban areas, there is an increase of 20% within a limit of 8 hours of daily work, equivalent to 7 hours at night (a night hour lasts 52 min 30s). In rural areas the increase is 25%, but the legal limit is 8 hours per night.
  • Pay For Overtime at Night
The increase for night work is added to the increase for overtime.

Social Security Costs

The Areas Covered
Contributions to a fund for the duration of work (8.5%), the national social security institute (retirement scheme) (20%) and 8.8% maximum for other retirement savings contributions.
Contributions Paid By the Employer: 28.5% minimum.
Contributions Paid By the Employee: 7.5-11%
Competent Organization
Ministry of social providence

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