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Type of Production
Industry is dynamic and contributes 37% to GDP, especially in the following sectors: agri-foods, textiles, aeronautics, pharmacy, automobile, iron and steel industry, chemical industry.
Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
Association of shoe manufacturers
Association of institutions involved in applied research
Association of defense material and security industries
Association of aerospace industries
Association of car manufacturers
Association of machine and equipment manufacturers
Brazilian association of the food industry

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
Manufacturers of spare parts for the automobile, aeronautics, IT and electronics industries, appreciated for their excellent technological skills for a relatively low cost.
Original Design Manufacturers
A great number of subcontractors have had to adapt to the requirements of their industrial customers and take a larger part in the industrial production process. They have gone from the simple task of making parts to that of assisting in decision making or marketing.
This involves a certain number of fields, but many fewer than its South East Asian competitors because of the cost of labor and its overvalued currency. Nevertheless, the national industrial fabric relies for a large part on these effective and flexible intermediaries, in particular in high-tech industries, in order to respond to international competition. This expansion of subcontracting meets with some resistance on the Brazilian job market, traditionally protected because of the flexibility demanded and low wages.
Useful Resources
Promotion of subcontracting in the field of new technologies

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