Sightseeing in Brazil

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Tourism and Culture

Different Forms of Tourism

Brazil has a very rich historical heritage, dating from colonial times, especially in the Nordeste (Salvador, Recife, Olinda, São Luis).
A more contemporary artistic dynamism can be found in São Paulo, where the country's main museums are located. Modern art is also expressed in architecture, on the scale of a capital like Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer's Brasilia. Musical wealth is expressed everywhere.
The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.
There are many natural parks, in particular the "Chapada Diamantina" in Bahia, the "Chapada dos Viadeiros" around the Federal District and the magnificent Pantanal region in the west of the country, not forgetting all the Amazon basin.
There is a strong Catholic tradition: churches dating from colonial times in all the historic towns of the Nordeste. It is also worth noting the Cathedral and the San Francisco Church by Niemeyer in Brasilia.
There are several hot springs such as Caldas Novas, Rio Quente, Águas Mornas, Santo Amaro da Imperatriz.
There are thousands of kilometers of beach in the country. Some urban beaches, with crowds of people; others are more for families, or there are developing seaside resorts where people are banking on a pleasant, simple life style such as Pipa (Rio Grande do Norte) or Jericoacoara (Ceara).
Outdoor Activities
Sport is widespread (jogging, body building, football, volleyball), as well as seaside activities (surfing, fishing, sailing) or walking in the natural parks.
Beautiful craftsmanship in the north and Nordeste essentially. Foreigners generally buy wooden decorative items, stone jewelery, musical instruments, cloth, hammocks, off-the-rack beachwear.

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Individual and Civic Freedoms

Political Freedom
Civil Liberty
Freedom of the Press
The national press is free, but this is not the case of regional media.
World Ranking of Freedom of the Press According to "Reporters sans Frontières", 2009 report : 71/175
Evolution: 11 places up compared to 2008
For Further Information, Consult Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2009, Reporters Without Borders
Free Access to the Internet
Freedom of Assembly
Rule of Law
Personal Autonomy and Individual Rights
Women's Condition
The law protects women from domestic violence, rape and prostitution, but they are common practices and not often declared. The social position of women is still vastly inferior to that of men and there is far from being equality in positions and wages in companies.
For Further Information
US Department of State Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

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Degree of Freedom
Despite a very strong Catholic tradition, religious freedom has been recognized and practised for several decades. Religions of African origin were legalized in the 1950s, and many Neo-Pentacostal churches have been opened since the end of the eighties.
Role of Religion in Society
Catholicism exerts strong social control and imposes strict values which are nevertheless not scrupulously used to compromising with religion. Religion should have a positive effect on individual life, and because of this there is a large rotation between the various movements, and the success of the Neo-Pentacostal Churches created or influenced by their American sister-churches, in particular in the favelas, abandoned by social services and the authorities. In general it is recommended that you avoid joking about religion.

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