Distribution Networks in Canada

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Types of Outlet

Supermarkets, food markets, traditional grocery stores, convenience stores
Food and non-food. There are many of them and they are common in the bigger towns. There is at least one food store in each town.
Loblaws, Iga, Metro, Maxi, Walmart
Specialized hypermarkets
Hypermarkets located on the outskirts of towns and specialized in a sector of activity.
Hardware-DIY-Decoration: Home Dépot
Culture : Chapters
Sports : Group Forzani -Sport Expert
Electrical appliances: The Brick
Electronics: Future Shop, Best Buy
Toys: Toy's r us
Automobile parts: Canadian Tire
Office supplies: Staples (wholesale)
Department stores
Located in the city center, or in shopping malls.
Sears, La Baie, Wal Mart
Discount stores
Mainly for clothes and shoes.
Small shops
Small, specialized shops: butcher's, fishmonger's, greengrocer's, cheese shops, delicatessens, baker's, cake shops, florist's, ready-to-wear, decoration. People prefer them for the quality of their goods, human contact and advice.
Cash & Carry
Hypermarkets reserved for professionals.
Specialized shopping chains
Chains or franchises.
Pharmaceuticals: Jean Coutu
Textiles: Fabricville, Fabricland
Clothes: Lindor
Small items for personal care: Centre du Rasoir - Personal Edge

Evolution of the Retail Sector

Growth and Regulation
The size of the country, some 10 million km2, complicates distribution on a national scale. Big companies have set up nerve centers for warehousing and redistribution of goods all over Canada. Most of these redistribution centers are located in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.
The difficulty involved in getting to the various regions, the distinctive features of each of them, make marketing a product complex. The Office of Consumer Affairs is the national authority for monitoring and regulating consumption in Canada.
Market Shares
In the 1990s, the Canadian distribution market underwent changes after the arrival of American distributors like Costco (cash & carry reserved for professionals), Wal-Mart (hypermarkets) and Home-Dépot (DIY-hardware-decoration).
The food trade sector is very concentrated and dominated by a few big groups especially the national names Sobey and Loblaw with the American Wal-mart.
Organizations in the Retail Sector
AMDEQ (Association of shopkeepers, convenience storekeepers and grocers of Quebec)
Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers
Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors

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