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Type of Production
The type of production differs according to the province. The following list shows the industry responsible for GDP growth by province and by territory:


Alberta: Petrochemicals and oil sands
British Columbia: Natural Gas
Manitoba: Canola (colza) and Wheat
Saskatchewan: Mining and cereal growing
Newfoundland and Labrador: Nickel and oil fields
New Brunswick: Wood pulp
Prince Edward Island: Agriculture
Nova Scotia: Services sector
Quebec: Hydro-electric energy, Aerospace, Metal processing and pharmaceuticals
Ontario: Construction
Nunavut: Diamond mines
North West Territories: Mineral and oil exploration
Yukon: Mineral extraction and exploration

Source : Canada's Performance Report 2008-2009, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
Centre for Energy
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export
List of Canadian Agri-food associations
Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association
Aerospace Industries Association of Canada
Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
Canadian OEMs are, among others, in the aerospace, aeronautics, defense and transport sectors. There are Pratt & Whitney, General Dynamics, Bombardier and Bell Helicopters (transport and aeronautics).
Original Design Manufacturers
Design, style and performance are important factors for pleasure craft and vehicles in Canada. Several manufacturers of sailing boats, motor boats, jet skis and campers are making their mark. Aeronautical design and transport are going strong.
A large increase has been recorded in subcontracting in the professional, scientific and technical, and administrative sectors, back-up services, waste management, and sanitation systems; in the sectors of company management and IT and multimedia.
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