Dining in Canada

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Categories of Restaurant
  • Fast Foods
Fries, hot dogs, hamburgers, subs, sodas, coffees, muffins, doughnuts, sandwiches, etc.
  • Breakfast and dinner (lunchtime) specialties
Egg-based dishes, with fruit, toast, pancakes, muffins, etc.
  • Brasseries
Cooked food, steaks, beers and wines.
  • Family Restaurants
Daily menus, set menus noon and evening
  • Specialty Restaurants
Italian, Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Seafood, Fondues, etc.
  • Gastronomic Restaurants
Elaborate dishes. This type of catering is more widespread in Quebec.
  • Sugar shacks
Traditional Canadian food, served with maple syrup. Usually open during the sugar season (March - beginning of April). Some shacks open all year if a reservation is made.
Rules For Eating Out
The prices displayed never include tax or service. The taxes are added to the bill and the service is left to the customer's discretion which is generally about 15%. The taxes are: GST 5% or HST 13%, provincial taxes between 7 and 7.5% and taxes on alcohol, but only in certain provinces.

Price Indications

Economy Meal from 8 CAD
Medium Price Meal Between 15 CAD and 35 CAD
Good Quality Meal from 35 CAD and +
Food Specialties
Inspired by French, British, American or Native American cooking, typical Canadian cuisine adapts to the seasons. Each region has its unique recipes, made with local products: from the tourtière (meat pie) to the pain banique (Native American bread), from maple syrup to the poutine (see further on). Places like le Saguenay, and Lac St-Jean in Quebec are known for their tourtières called "cipâte or cipaille", made of game or beef and pork, covered in pastry. One of the traditional dishes is the pâté chinois (sheppard pie), made of cooked, seasoned ground beef, with sweetcorn and mashed potatoes. For about 30 years the Quebec dish par excellence has been the "poutine", made of fried potatoes, gravy and cheese curds. In the Maritime Provinces as well as Quebec, fish and seafood are very popular. From May to July, people enjoy the lobster from the Magdalen Islands and New Brunswick. Alberta and the Great Plains Provinces are well-known for the quality of their beef, served grilled or braised. There is a great variety of dishes in addition to all this, thanks to the arrival of the many immigrants who brought their culinary traditions with them and learned to adapt them to the country's tastes.
The production of local wine is growing: vineyards and orchards in Quebec, in the region of Niagara and in the Okanagan Valley where several types of wine are produced, as well as our specialties: ice wine and ice cider.
Dietary Restrictions
There are no dietary restrictions in the country.
Table Manners
The Canadians are influenced by the United States, especially in English-speaking Canada, as regards table manners. In Quebec, where European influence is more marked, it is common to wish each other "bon appétit" before starting the meal. We also clink our glasses to wish each other "Santé" (Good health) or "Tchin Tchin" (Cheers) when we have an aperitif or at the beginning of a meal when wine is served.

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