Supply Chain in China

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Customs Procedures

Printed matter, manuscripts, films, photographs, audio cassettes, VCDs, data-processing storage media, etc considered harmful for national security; antiquities and other cultural articles created before 1949; rare and endangered animals and/or plants including their specimens and seeds, the natural bezoars, the musk, platinum, electronic products or machines used, bones of tiger, horns of rhinoceros, ivory, products made by prisoners, medicinal plants and stamps more than 100 years old cannot be exported.
Export Taxes
No export tax. But the VAT (17%) nonrefundable in the event of export, can however be regarded as export tax.
Export Clearance
Formalities are carried out by the import/export company.
In general, the supplier provides:


-         invoice
-         packing list
-         certificate of origin
-         Fumigation
-         Customs declaration

Necessary Declaration
- Country of origin
- Value and description of the merchandise
- Composition of the merchandise
- Finished/semi-finished
- Name/contacts of the supplier
- Destination of product
- Recipient
- HS code

Controlling the Quality of the Products

Quality Control Organizations
CIS China Inspection Services
Quality control organizations

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