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Type of Production
Industry accounts for 49% of the Chinese GDP (including 6% of the construction sector). Principal industries in China are mining industry (world leader in reserves of tungsten , molybdenum and titanium), the coal industry (world leader in coal production and consumption), metallurgical, petrochemical, naval (18% of worldwide production, 3rd world producer), cars (6.6% of the GDP), energy (second producer in electrical energy). China is also the 1st world producer of electric household appliances products (1/3 of the worldwide production), 3rd producer in data-processing products (2nd for the PC), the 1st world producer of toys with 70% of worldwide production, 1st world producer of shoes and finally the 1st producer and exporter country of textile.
Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
National council of light industry (CNLIC)
Chinese Association of the renewable energies industry(CREIA)
Chinese Association of leather industry
Chinese Association of pharmaceutical industry (CIPA)
International Association of Chinese Automobile Manufacturers (CAMAI)
Chinese national council of textile and clothing

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
Chinse OEM's are in automobile industry aeronautics industry, mobil phone industry and laptops. Many of these OEM are at the same time, ODM's.
Original Design Manufacturers
The ODM in China specializes in the manufacture of electronic products with a cost advantage. Certain ODM are well internationally established OEM. Several startup are specialized in wireless, digital products or instrumentation. Some examples are: China Electronics Corp., Panda Electronics, Shinko Electronics.
China is one of the 3 great centers of international subcontracting. Subcontracting is particularly developed in China in the textile and shoe industry, in the mechanical engineering and machinery industry. China has cheap labour, university graduates speaking foreign languages and a telecommunication network and an ever expanding Internet.
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Chinese sourcing summit

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