Sourcing in the Czech Republic

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Type of Production
Industrial sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP reaches 40 %. 40,2 % of economically active population is working in industrial sector. Most competitive industrial branches are automotive and electronics.
Active support of cluster initiatives has existed in the Czech Republic for several years already. Click here to find out the localization of theses clusters in the country.
Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
Association of Textile-Clothing–Leather Industry
Czech and moravian electrical and electronic association
Association of food industry

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
Czech republic records a few OEMs, established on high technological segments of production. This concerns mainly sector of machinery, electronics a SW development.
Such firms represent for instance Remak , Kovona System . These are 100 % czech firms but most of high development potential firms were bought by foreign investors. We can find here Skoda (group Volkswagen), Karosa .
Original Design Manufacturers
Czech ODM's industrial sphere represents several companies with core activity in IT/PC. Among such firms we can find AVG Technologies CZ.
The labour cost in the Czech Republic is lower in comparison to the old EU countries and therefore the pool of subcontractos is very big. This is caused also through governmental offset programmes - Czech firms are subcontractors of foreign companies which realize public tenders but they are also subcontractors of big foreign companies. Main sectors are - arm industry, automotive, IT, machinery, electronics, steel production.

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