Travel Security in the Czech Republic

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Health Precautions

Obligatory Vaccination and Other Recommendations
Any vaccination is obligatory.
Vaccination against encephalitis from ticks is recommended for journeys in the wild.
For Further Information
Ministry of Health (only in czech)
Country's pages on the website of WHO

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Safety Conditions

The Czech Republic generally has a low rate of crime. However, street crime ? particularly pick-pocketing and occasional mugging ? is a problem, especially in major tourist areas in Prague. Travelers are encouraged to be especially vigilant in Prague?s restaurants, train stations, and on public transportation around the city center.
Visitors should be alert to the potential for substantial overcharging by taxis, particularly in areas frequented by tourists. Radio-dispatched taxis are often much more reliable. It is also advisable to set the price in advance.
Do not accept food or drink from strangers; travellers have been drugged and subsequently robbed. Individuals posing as plainclothes police officers may ask to see foreign currency and passports. If approached, politely decline to cooperate, but offer to go to the nearest police station. Identification should be carried at all times, preferably a photocopy of your passport.
Terrorist Risk
Risk of Natural Disaster
Low. But country sometimes suffers from floods
Traveling Women Conditions
Same as for men.
For Further Information, the national website of the Czech Republic
The pages dedicated to the country on the site of the Canadian Foreign Office
The Current Travel arming proposed by the American State Department

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