Business Travel in the Czech Republic

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Organizing Your Trip

Means of Transport Recommended in Town

There are many taxi operators in czech cities. But Prague's taxis belong to the most expensive taxi within european capital cities. And foreigners may pay much more than the normal price, if they don't take care. For these reasons, it is better to take a public transport (bus, subway, tram, rail etc). The subway in Prague (the only one in the Czech republic) operates more than 30 years and is still expanding.
Maps of Urban Networks
Prague's urban networks - Subway and Tram
Prague's urban networks - Subway and Bus

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Transportation From Airport to City Centre:






Car Rental
Praha - Ruzyne (PRG) 16 km / 10 miles CZK 600-900 / 20-30 min CZK 45 / 30-35 min - Available

Means of Transport Recommended in the Rest of the Country

When travelling through the Czech Republic, it is recommanded to take trains or bus. Frequency as well as price conditions are very advantageous. During the night, for more security, it is better to take Eurocity or Intercity trains, with Policemen on board.
Czech Airlines propose also domestic flights between the main cities of the country.

For more information, visit the, the national timetable information system.

Rail Companies
Czech railways

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Name Type Domestic Flights International Flights
Czech Airlines Major yes Yes
Ryanair low cost no No
EasyJet low cost no No
Smart Wings low cost no No

You Can Consult the List of Airlines Banned Within the EU. Look Also at the rating of the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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Traveling By Yourself

Can be useful to travel in the country. The network of highways is growing each year, joining the biggest cities. Signalization is quite good.
But you should take care. Czech drivers do not care about traffic rules; they do not respect speed limits although they may obtain the significant penalties. In the biggest cities traffic jams occur regularly in the morning and in the late afternoon; in Prague it is during the whole day.
Road Maps
Roads and Motorways
Taxes Road
Other maps
Find an Itinerary

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Different Forms of Tourism

Prague, Kutna Hora, Cesky Krumlov, Telc, Tabor, Kromeriz etc.
There are many museum and galleries in the Czech republic (700 nationwide) with huge amount various cultural products. Some of them are listed on UNESCO Cultural world heritage (Prague, Kutna Hora, Cesky Krumlov, Telc, Tabor, Kromeriz, Slavonice).
The Czech Republic is also rich on natural parks and protected areas, caves, and Zoological gardens.
Almost each village has some religious building or other monument.
Czech Republic is also famous for its spa areas. The colonnades of Karlovy Vary and the splendid spa buildings in Mariánské Lázne are world-famous.
The beaches are only at the dams and lakes (Lipno, Slapy, Orlik, Vranov).
Winter Sports
Krkonose (Spindleruv Mlyn, Harrachov), Jeseniky (Ramzova, Ovcarna), Beskydy mountains (Bila, Ostravice). For more information, click here.
Outdoor Activities
Sport is very popular in the Czech republic – especially ice-hockey, football, and Golf.
The most popular souvenirs are products of Czech skilful craftsman, in particular glass, porcelain, and ceramics. Throughout Prague will you see nicely decorated and illuminated shops with Bohemian glass and porcelain. There are also many shops with handmade ceramics, where you can also buy handmade clothes and fashion accessories. Another major treasure of the Czech Republic is the semi-precious Czech garnet (also known as Bohemian ruby).

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Living Conditions

Health and Safety

Health Precautions
Any vaccination is obligatory.
Vaccination against encephalitis from ticks is recommended for journeys in the wild.
International Hospitals
Top Moravia Health (only in czech), International Clinic - Prague, GHC Healthcare, Canadian Medical Care
For Further Information on Sanitary Conditions
Ministry of Health (only in czech)
Country's pages on the website of WHO
For Further Information on Safety Conditions, the national website of the Czech Republic
The pages dedicated to the country on the site of the Canadian Foreign Office
The Current Travel arming proposed by the American State Department

Emergency Numbers

Integrated emergency system (police, ambulance, fire) 112

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Time Difference and Climate

Time and Time Difference
It is %T:%M %A In Prague (GMT+1 in winter, GMT+2 in summer)
Summer Time Period
Summer time period from April to October

Map of the Time Zone

Fuseau(x) horaire

Type of Climate
The climate is mild but variable locally and throughout the year. It is characterized by a cold winter (from January to March) and warm summer (from June to August).The temperature falls bellow 0°C in winter and can be in excess of 30°C in summer.
For Further Information
Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

Average Annual Temperatures and Rainfall



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Food Specialties
Czech cuisine is marked by a strong emphasis on meat dishes. Pork is quite common, and beef and chicken are also popular. Goose, duck, rabbit and wild game are also served. Fish is rare, with the occasional exception of fresh trout and carp, which are served at Christmas.
The most famous dishes are:

For more information, click here.

Aside from Slivovitz (brandy produced from plums), Czech beer and wine, Czechs also produce two uniquely Czech liquors, Fernet Stock and  Becherovka. Kofola is a non-alcoholic Czech soft drink somewhat similar in look and taste to Coca-Cola
Dietary Restrictions

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Domestic Currency
Czech Crown
ISO Code
To Obtain Domestic Currency
Easily, and every in towns : in the banks, in the exchange offices, from the ATM.
Possible Means of Payment
In cash, via credit cards

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Official Language
Czech, which belongs to the group of Slavic languages, and as a West Slavic languages, it is very similar to Slovak.
Other Languages Spoken
English, German
Business Language
Getting Some Knowledge
Learn some Basic phrases in Czech.
Free Translation Tools
Slovnick : Multilingual Dictionary

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