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Setting Up a Company

Legal Business Entities

Types of Companies and Capital (Max/Min) Number of Partners/Shareholders and Liability Registration Fees
Anpartselskab ( ApS) is a Private Limited Company
Minimum DKK 125,000 totally subscribed and released.
Minimum 2 partners Maximum 50 shareholders.
Liability is limited to the amount contributed.
About DKK 2,300 + 0.4% of the authorized capital
Aktieselskab ( A/S) is a public limited company.
Minimum DKK 125000, totally subscribed and released.
Minimum 3 partners. NB: At least 1 of them has to live in Denmark or to be a citizen of one of the European Union countries.
Liability is limited to the amount contributed.
About DKK 3,000 + 0.4% of the authorized capital
Interessentskab ( I/S) is a general partnership.
No minimum capital.
Minimum 2 partners.
Partners' liability is indefinite and several.
Lower expenses as compared to a ApS
Kommanditselskab ( K/S) is a limited partnership.
No minimum capital.
Two types of partners: active partners and sleeping partners
Liability of active partners is unlimited. Liability of sleeping partners is limited to the amount contributed.
Lower expenses as compared to a ApS
Business Setup Procedures
The creation of an ApS or a A/S requires several formalities:
The articles of incorporation include a constitution charter, drawn up and signed by the founders. Names and addresses of founders, members of the Board of Directors have to be specified.
The Competent Organization
The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (DCCA) handles the registration of the company and issues a CVR-number.
Search a Company or a Financial Report
Danish Exporters, Company and Product Research
Central Business Register

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Working Conditions

Legal Weekly Duration
37 hours
Retirement Age
Working Contracts
Permanent contract, fixed-term contract, training contracts.

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Cost of Labor

Minimum Wage
No legally mandated national minimum wage. Collective agreements are the main mechanism used for regulating low pay.
Average Wage
USD 24,000 a year.

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Social Partners

Social Dialogue and Involvement of Social Partners
Many employers are members of the Danish Employers’ Confederation (Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening/DA) or one of the special employers’ associations (e.g. the Financial Sector or Agriculture). Employees are often members of the relevant trade union (Metal Workers, Commerce and Office etc), although most of these unions are also members of the ”umbrella” employee confederation, The Danish Federation of Trade Unions (Landsorganisationen/LO), a service organisation that undertakes to negotiate or co-ordinate various matters common to all trade unions. The labor market is thus to a very large degree regulated by collective agreements.
Unionization Rate
Labor Regulation Bodies
Danish Employers' Confederation (DA)
National Labor Market Authority

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