Reaching the Consumer in Egypt

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
In General, the food and electronics (mobile telephones, computers, audio and video products) sectors.
Consumer Behavior
Price continues to be the dominant factor in buying decisions in Egypt. Quality takes the second place even if this fact is beginning to change. The importance of a good after-sales service quality should also be considered.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
The emerging Egyptian market offers good outlets for foreign goods.  The rapid growth of the Egyptian population is a major advantage. Moreover, the Egyptians deprived of choice for a long time are constantly demanding new products and equipments in the face of globalization. They show a special taste for new technologies and especially information technology. However, they remain in the low and medium range because of their weak purchasing power. Only the well-to-do, elite class can afford higher range products.
Consumers Associations
Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency

Media in Which to Advertise

Advertising is most dynamic and most efficient on the television media.  TV is watched in almost all households, where there is an abundance and sophistication of the advertising market.

Main Televisions
Al Haya TV
AhlyEgypt (in Arabic)
Nile News (in Arabic)
Alnas (in Arabic)
CTV (in Arabic)
Newspaper advertising is quite efficient. Egyptians read a lot.  It is more developped in the newspapers and magazines of big cities, especially Cairo, and less in regional newspaper where the consummer society is less developped. The daily, Al Ahram is very sought after for advertising.

Main Newspapers
Brandnew Communications
In Transportation Venues
There are many advertising billboards, especially in Cairo.
Advertising on the radio had developped recently, since the launching of the two semi-private radio stations aimed at a young audience.  Advertising to this consummer category is very present.

Main Radios
Nile FM
Radios in Egypt
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
Advertising is done directly on websites.  E-mail advertising is developping.
Main Advertising Agencies
Directory of Advertising Agencies in Egypt
Egypt Oxygen Agency
EM Graphic Advertising Agency

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

Completely forbidden to advertise alcohol.
There are restrictions on tobacco advertising: public organizations, theatres, cinemas and sports clubs are forbidden from advertising them.  Additionally, all advertising should include the sentence "Smoking is dangerous for your health".
Adverts for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products have to show an authorization number from the Ministry of Health.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
No language restrictions.

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