Travel Security in Egypt

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Health Precautions

Obligatory Vaccination and Other Recommendations
A certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is required for travelers over one year old coming from affected areas.

The risk of Bird Flu is high.

Generally speaking, health and hygiene conditions are not very good and so it is best to avoid eating less cooked or raw food (especially meat and eggs), drinking tap water and eating raw vegetables. Likewise, it can be difficult for persons suffering from respiratory diseases to bear the atmospheric pollution in Cairo.
Bathing in freshwater exposes you to the risk of bilharziasis (or schistosomiasis) present in the Nile river valley and delta.  

You are advised against bathing unless you get reliable opinion on the spot. Hepatitis A and B are common and it is wise to be vaccinated. For long stays, expatriation or stays in rural areas, vaccines against rabies and typhoid are recommended. A very high rate of Hepatitis C has been noticed. Skin piercing, barbers or hairdressers which are very popular must be avoided at all costs.

For Further Information
Recommendations of the World Health Organization on Egypt.

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Safety Conditions

Crimes are few.  The level of security is high, in the day as it is at night.  The risk of theft or swindling has increased in tourist areas.  The government invests a lot in tourist security.
Terrorist Risk
The risk is considered high. Since the 2006 fatal attacks, the observers remain vigilant.
Traveling Women Conditions
The risks are low in terms of security however, the risk of being hassled is very frequent in the streets for unaccompanied women.  Egyptian women do not walk alone.
For Further Information
US Department of State

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