Distribution Networks in Finland

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Types of Outlet

Department stores
Clothing, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Food
Stockmann, Sokos, Anttila
Food supermarkets with varying range of other product categories
Prisma, Citymarket, Euromarket
Food (+ limited range of other products)
S-market, K-market, Valintatalo, Alepa, Lidl, Sale
Convenience stores
Supermarkets or kiosks with extended opening hours.
R-kioski, Siwa, ABC (in connection with gas stations)
General stores
Home equipment, tablewear, casual clothing, cosmetics, sweets etc.
Hong Kong, Vapaa Valinta, Tarjoustalo
Alcoholic beverages
Retail of alcohol (monopoly)
Specialized stores
Specialized by product or by type of customer targeted.
Clothing: Halonen, Aleksi 13
Footwear: Andiamo, K-kenkä
Bookstores: Akateeminen, Suomalainen
Electronics: Musta Pörssi, Markantalo, Gigantti, Tekniset

Evolution of the Retail Sector

Growth and Regulation
The distribution networks in Finland are more and more integrated. The increase of the consumers' purchasing power has boosted sales. However, evolution of big malls and hypermarkets in the sector has made the survival of small companies and boutiques more difficult. Limited opening hours are considered to be a hindering factor in the sector .
Market Shares
Goods may be sold through an agent, distributor, established wholesaler, or selling directly to retail organizations. The main sectors of the Finnish economy are dominated by oligopolies. Consumables for everyday use are marketed by an integrated system of distribution dominated by three big groups: Kesko, the S Group (SOK) and Tradeka which control more than 90% of the markets in the country.
Organizations in the Retail Sector
Federation of Finnish Commerce

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