Sourcing in Finland

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Type of Production
In 2006, industrial sector accounted for 26,4% of the GDP. The key economic sector is manufacturing - principally the electronics, telecommunications, wood, metals, and engineering industries. Finland’s electronic and electrical sector overtook the forest products and metal industries as the country’s largest export industry in the 1990’s. Finland’s largest company, Nokia, is the number one manufacturer of mobile phones in the world. Trade is important for Finland; exports equal two-fifths of GDP.
Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
Finnish Forest Industry Federation
Association of Finnish Biotechnology Industry
The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
Main OEM industries in Finland are telecommunications and electronics. However, the number of OEMs in Finland has dropped in recent years, mainly due to high labor costs.
Original Design Manufacturers
Demand for outsourcing in general is growing fast. Control over costs and projects is often better in outsourced ODM projects. Manufacturers also want new innovations from ODM's. However, due to high labor costs, ODMs do not play very important role in the Finnish market; they have relocated their operations abroad (often to East Asia).
The labor costs in Finland today are high and thus do not allow the country to be competitive in this type of business. Most companies have relocated their operations abroad in recent years. These include Perlos and Salcomp, the major Finnish subcontractors of the Finnish giant in telecommunications Nokia.

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