Consumption/VAT/Sales Tax in Finland

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Nature of the Tax
Value Added Tax (VAT)
Standard Rate
Reduced Tax Rate
A 13% rate applies to basic foodstuff and animal feed. The excise duty on alcoholic beverages is 12%.
A 9% rate applies to passenger transport, books, medicines, accommodation services and entry fees to cultural events.
Exclusion From Taxation
Exemptions include selling or renting immovable property, financial and bank services, insurance, healthcare and education. Exports are zero-rated.
Method of Calculation, Declaration and Settlement
Value added tax will be added to the product only once in a manner that the selling company adds the 22% tax to the sales price in Finland but may reduce the taxes included in its own purchases in the value added tax declaration. For businesses with annual turnover under 8500 EUR payment of VAT is not required. Click here for more information on the procedure and the special status of the Åland Islands.
Other Consumption Taxes
Exceptions include the sale or rental of immovable property, financial and insurance services, healthcare and education.

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