Reaching the Consumer in France

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Computer services, software, travel and tourism, safety/security equipment, computers and peripherals, telecommunications, books and magazines, automobile parts, cosmetics, education services, textiles and BtoC e-commerce.
Consumer Behavior
Traditionally, price has been an essential element in the French consumer's buying process. However, quality is becoming more and more important for the French consumer who is now tending to favor products which have a quality label or mark. The quality of after-sales service is a decisive element in choosing where to buy.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
France is a country where buying most often equals pleasure. France is famous for its high consumption of leisure and culture products and gifts. The French consumer is impulsive and makes frequent purchases. As regards foodstuffs, the French are more likely to buy domestic products.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
In 2006, 50% of French people had recoursed to consumer credit. Young people use this type of financing much more than people over 65.
Consumers Associations
The French Consumer Institute
UFC Que Choisir , The Federal Union of Consumers
ECC , The European Consumer Centre in France
The French Consumer Association

Media in Which to Advertise

Television advertising has great a influence on the behavior of French consumers. Showing an advertisement during sports events on TV early in the evening will reach the biggest numbers of viewers.

Main Televisions
Groupe Canal+
Groupe France Télévisions
M6 Groupe
Groupe TF1
Advertising published in newspapers helps the consumer make his decision about buying and informs him of special offers. It is influential because the reader can respond to it in his own time.

Main Newspapers
Hachette Filipacchi
Prisma Presse
Mondadori France (formely Emap/Éditions Excelsior)
Groupe Bayard
Even if some people are resistant to it, most consumers read it and refer to it for their purchases. More than just advertising a product, the information received in letter boxes advertises the special offers in nearby stores.
In Transportation Venues
Already found on street billboards, at bus stops and in metro or railway stations, advertisements are now appearing more and more on the actual modes of transport (private cars, buses, trains, airplanes).

Market Leaders:
Avenir JC Decaux
Radio advertising makes it possible to reach a very wide audience. It is broadcast above all on local radio stations and promotes nearby stores.

Main Radios
Groupe Lagardère Active
Radio France
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
France has more than 30 million internet users. Advertising appears directly on websites; advertising by e-mail is growing but tends to get lost in the mass of spam received.
M-marketing (advertising by mobile phone) remains limited. Telemarketing has grown, but it is more considered as something which disturbs the peace and quiet of the home than as a service.

Market Leaders:
Publicis Dialog
Microsoft Advertising
La Chose Agency
Main Advertising Agencies
Publicis Groupe SA
Saatchi & Saatchi

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

The Evin Law of 1991 regulates advertising of alcohol. It is limited to the point of sale, the written press for adults and the radio at certain times. The warning "Alcohol abuse is seriously dangerous for your health" must appear clearly.
Tobacco advertising is prohibited according to an E.U directive and the Evin law of 1991.
Advertising for medicine is regulated by the European Union Directive 2001/83/EC and the Public Health Code. It is prohibited for products only available on prescription.
Other Rules
Article L.121-1 of the Consumer Code prohibits all misleading advertising that could potentially deceive the consumer. Articles L121-8 and L121-9 of the Consumer Code authorize comparative advertising but regulate it very strictly.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
There must be a translation in French, however unobtrusive, of any expression or sentence written in another language.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
The Higher Council for Radio and Television
The Bureau for Control of Advertising
The National Commission for Data Processing and freedoms
The Directorate for media development

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