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Type of Production
In France, industry represents 20% of the GDP and 17% of employment.
The pharmaceutical, aeronautical, and new information and communication technology (NICT) industries have an important place on the French industrial scene.
Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
The French pharmaceutical industry association for responsible self-medication.
The French aeronautical and space industries group.
The French information industry group (GFII)
Federation of ores, industrial minerals and nonferrous metals
Federation of Railway Industries
National Association of Food Industries

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
OEMs in France are generally manufacturers of spare parts for the automobile, aeronautical, IT and electronic industries. Among the French OEMs , there are large groups such as, for example, Valeo (automobile) or Bull (IT).
Original Design Manufacturers
A large number of subcontractors have had to adapt to the requirements of their industrial clients and take a bigger part in the industrial production process. They have gone from the simple task of making parts to that of helping with decision making or marketing. In France, it is often subcontractors of IT or electronic components who have become designer subcontractors.
Subcontracting in France is extensive and dynamic. It is particularly well-developed in the fields of the iron and steel industry, the plastics industry, foundry work, spinning and weaving for the automobile, aeronautical, rail, electronic and textile industries.
French subcontractors provide high-quality services or products as their workforce is highly qualified. Some subcontractors are also chosen for their renown. They are appreciated for their ability to innovate which, nevertheless, would deserve investment in Research and Development which they cannot always carry out because of the need to reduce production costs.
Useful Resources
Portal for information on subcontracting in France
Directory of subcontracting (in French)
Industrial subcontracting trade fair

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