Reaching the Consumer in Germany

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
New technologies in information and communication, Bank, Insurance, medical and chemistry sectors.
Consumer Behavior
Every month, the GFK market research Institute publishes information about consumption in Germany.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
Germany is ranked 10th in Europe, with an average annual income of 17 087 EUR per inhabitant. German households are saving more and more: 151 billion euros in 2003, an increase of 16.4% in 10 years.

The German consumer shows a strong propensity to compare prices and patronize "discount" stores. He is very aware of special offers, and readily goes to different shops in order to get better prices. He has very strict criteria when making a choice, according to the type of goods he wants to buy. For consumer durables, the criteria are in order safety and quality, prestige, comfort and convenience and price. For everyday goods, the only determining factor is price. For professional capital goods, the obsession with safety leads to buying criteria based on quality, reliability, the supplier's follow up and after sales service. Price is not one of the dominant criteria for this type of product. On the other hand, for minor equipment or industrial supplies, the price factor predominates.

Consumer Recourse to Credit
Consumer credit in Germany has grown little over the last few years. Many factors have contributed to this, especially the present low economic growth, persistent unemployment, lower consumer confidence, a culture hostile to debt, etc.
Consumers Associations
VZBV , Federation of German Consumer Organizations
TEST , Product test foundation
Verbraucher , Consumer Initiative

Media in Which to Advertise

National or regional impact according to the channel chosen.

Main Televisions
ARD (Assoc. Of Publ. Broadcasting Of Germany)
ARD/MDR-Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk
DSF Deutsches Sport Fernsehen
FFF-Franken Funk Und Fernsehen
Hamburg 1
Kabel Eins
N-TV Nachrichten-fernsehen
Prog. Directorate Of Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen
Prosieben Media AG
RTL Television
Spiegel TV GMBH
ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen)
National or regional impact according to the newspaper chosen.

Main Newspapers
Allgemeine Zeïtung
Bild Zeïtung
Financial Times Deutschland
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeïtung
Advertising in letter-boxes concerns above all discounters and hypermarket special offers. Be careful: many people tend to throw it away.
In Transportation Venues
You can advertise on 4x3 billboards, on trams, on taxis, on huge tarpaulins on the façades of buildings. Außenwerbung, Plakatwerbung, Stadtmöblierungen.

Market Leaders:
Ströer Out-of-Home Media AG
Wall AG
awk Aussenwerbung GmbH
DSM Zeit und Werbung GmbH
KAW (Kölner Aussenwerbung)
blowUP media GmbH
National impact.

Main Radios
Antenne Saar
Deutsche Welle
Deutschland Radio
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
It is developing gradually.

Market Leaders:
Main Advertising Agencies
Carat media agency
OMD media agency
Mind Share media agency
Bader Media agency
Initiative media agency
Gesamtverband Kommunikationsagenturen GWA e.V

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

Find information on the Alkohol und Werbung website.
After years of being very tolerant of advertising for cigarettes, Germany applied, on 29 December 2006, the European law prohibiting cigarette advertising in the press, on the radio and on Internet. Sponsoring is also prohibited. For further information: DZV Deutscher Zigarettenverband e.V.
Germany is governed by the law called "Heilmittelwerbegesetz" (HWG) which has followed European law since 2005. Consult the list of illnesses "Krankheitsliste" for which advertising medicines is authorized.
Other Rules
The protection of children and young people is more specifically with regard to foodstuffs and alcoholic beverages.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
Organizations Regulating Advertising
Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Landesmedienanstalten (ALM)
Zentralverband der deutschen Werbewirtschaft e.v. (ZAW)
Der Deutsche Werberat
European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA)

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