Dining in Germany

Overview by Globlatrade.net:
Categories of Restaurant
  • Fast Food restaurant (Schnellimbiss)
Hot dogs, French fries, currywurst (sliced sausage covered in ketchup and curry), doner kebab and beer.
  • Bakeries and butcheries
Sandwiches and take away meals.
  • Beer gardens (Biergarten)
Spaces especially set up for the consumption of beer and where one can bring own food.
  • Beer hall (Brauhaus) and communalt fixe menu full course meals (Gasthaus)
  • Restaurants
Gourmet dishes, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Turkish, Indian, Spanish and Greek cuisine, etc.
Rules For Eating Out
Leaving a tip of about 5% is recommended. In Berlin it is possible to order late at lunch and at dinner. On the other hand, in other cities be careful of opening/closing times.

Price Indications

Economy Meal from 6 to 12 EUR
Medium Price Meal from 15 to 30 EUR
Good Quality Meal from 40 EUR
Food Specialties
German culinary specialties vary according to regions:- Wurst (the famous sausages), Schinken (an immense variety of pork meats, about 1 500 kinds); - Brot (the famous German breads, more than 200 kinds); - Sauerkraut : sauerkraut garnished, for example, with ham hock "Eisbein mit Sauerkraut"

Also to be noted the Spätzle (a type of pasta) a specialty of Bade Wurtenberg, Meatballs (a Berlin specialty) and desserts (Apfelstrudel, Stollen, Mohnkuchen - poppyseed cake)

Germany is naturally famous for its wide variety of beers. As the world's second producer and first exporter of beers (to about 140 countries) and with 1 800 breweries, it produces about 5 000 different beers. Germans drink little still water and prefer sparkling water. Another favorite drink is Apfelschorle, apple juice diluted with lemonade. Another refreshing drink is Radler, beer diluted with lemonade.
Dietary Restrictions
There are no dietary restrictions in the country. Nevertheless, a certain number of Germans are vegetarians.
Table Manners

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