Distribution Networks in Greece

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Types of Outlet

Hypermarkets, supermarkets and mini-markets
Located on the outskirts of towns. They sell foodstuffs and non food products. Mini-markets are smaller and located in town.
Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos; Carrefour Marinopoulos
Specialized Hypermarkets
Hypermarkets specialized in one family of products.
Fnac; Ikea
Department stores
Located in the town center on several floors. They have various specialized departments.
Hard discount
Mainly for food. They sell products of the distributor's own brand or no brand at all. People prefer them for their discount prices.
Small shops
Specialized local shops: grocer's, butcher's, fishmonger's, greengrocer's, cheese shops, delicatessens, baker's, cake shops, florist's. People prefer them for the quality of their products, human contact and advice.
Cash and Carry
Hypermarkets reserved for professionals.

Evolution of the Retail Sector

Growth and Regulation
Distribution is a major sector of Greece's economy. In 2004, the Greek retail market was worth 61.9 billion euros, showing a growth of 4.5% as compared to 2003. Commercial establishments represented 45% of companies in the secondary and tertiary sector. There are many supermarket chains in Greece but only a handful are national.
Department stores operate like small shopping centers where the "shop-in-shop" concept is applied. Most retail sales in Greece are still made in small, specialized shops. In the last few years, several major European chains have purchased existing large department stores and supermarkets or established their own outlets. Two large American style shopping malls have recently opened in Greece.
Market Shares
Traditional distribution networks- small sized independent merchants serviced by regional wholesalers, continue to be widespread. In 2003, they were approximately 300,000 in number. However, more modern distribution networks have now sprung up and the leaders in food distribution in Greece are now large groups:
- the largest is the group Marinopoulos (20% owned by Carrefour) which had a turnover of 1.458 billion euros in 2003.
- Followed by the group Delhaize-Alpha Vita Vassilopoulos with a turnover of 901.6 million euros in 2003.
The other visible trend is the development of discount supermarkets. Thus, the German hard discount group Lidl recently set up in Greece. Mostly discount supermarkets like Dia Hellas and Baazar Discount are found here. However, the discount market remains relatively small in size as it represented only 6% of the food distribution market in 2004.

Until 2000, the non-food distribution market was mainly dominated by national groups but the trend has completely changed since then : international groups have started making investments. Thus, the British group Dixons (specialized in electrical home appliances) took over Kotsovolos, Fnac has set up in Athens in 2006 (commercial center The Mall Athens) and Ikéa opened its first store in 2001.

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