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It is estimated that over 80 percent of Greece's import trade is handled through sales agents or distributors. Agency agreements are not required to be exclusive and may be signed for any period of time. Distributorship agreements, however, usually guarantee exclusive sales rights for certain districts, or the entire country. Distributors operate on a wholesale, and in some cases, a retail basis. Importers usually maintain offices in Athens, Piraeus, or Thessaloniki with branch offices, subagents, and traveling sales staff covering the rest of the country. Small importers may join together to form cooperatives.
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Using a Commercial Agent

The Advantages
A company which is not willing to travel to Greece to establish an agent, distributor, or partnership relationship, is generally regarded as not ready for the Greek market regardless of the company’s success in other foreign markets. At present, there are over 100 U.S. firms with subsidiaries in Greece and hundreds more companies selling through agents and distributors. For further information, consult the Buyusa Doing business guide on Greece.
Where to Be Vigilant
The key to success in the Greek market is to have an experienced agent or joint venture partner in Greece with suitable experience and an extensive sales network. The ability to offer full after-sales support to the end-user, along with spare parts is also crucial. For further information, consult the Buyusa Doing business guide on Greece.
Elements of Motivation
Consult the Buyusa Doing business guide on Greece.
The Average Amount of Commission
Consult the Buyusa Doing business guide on Greece.
Finding a Commercial Agent
Federation of Independent Commercial Agents Association (FICAA), 3, Karitsi Street
Tel. : +30 13311871
Fax : +30 13230890
Contact by Email.

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Setting Up a Commercial Unit

The Advantages
Foreign enterprises may establish operations in Greece. In the case of industrial projects, the foreign investor is generally required to organize a Greek corporation in order to enjoy the full benefits of Law 2687.
Where to Be Vigilant
In order to establish any type of business office in Greece, a certified, original copy of the company's articles and relevant agreements must be filed with the Court of Misdemeanors. Then, the local tax office must receive copies of these documents and record the newly established entity with the local Merchants’ Social Insurance system. Finally, the local Chamber of Commerce issues the license number under which a company will operate in Greece.


Evolution of the Sector
The system of franchising was first applied in Greece in the mid 1970’s, but the rapid growth it is presently experiencing did not start until the early 1990’s. According to industry specialists, however, there are more than 550 franchise systems operating in Greece.
Today, more than 75 percent of the Greek franchise chains are based in the greater Athens area. A survey released in 2005 showed that the food and restaurant businesses have the strongest franchising presence in Greece.
For further information visit the website Info franchise.
Some Big Franchises
Costa Coffee
Benetton, clothing
Zara, clothing
For Further Information
The Franchise Association of Greece

Finding Assistance

Export Trading Companies
Find more on about Selling to Greece.

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