Employees in Hong Kong SAR

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Working Conditions

Opening Hours
  • Legal Weekly Duration
Between 40 and 48 hours
  • Maximum Duration
Working hours a day: 8 hours (between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. only).

Working hours: a week: 48 hours.
  • Night Hours
After 1900 hrs.
Working Rest Day
One rest day per week.
Paid Annual Vacation
As per the work contract. 12 days of holiday are compulsory.


Retirement Age
There is no legal age for retirement, but the average age is around 62 years.
Child Labor and Minimum Age For Employment
16 years


Informal Labor Market

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The Cost of Labor


Minimum Wage
There is no legal minimum wage.
Average Wage
Average monthly gross earnings in Hong Kong is HKD 11.000 (USD 1.400)
Other Forms of Pay
  • Pay For Rest Days Worked
  • Pay For Overtime at Night

Social Security Costs

Contributions Paid By the Employer: 0 %.
Contributions Paid By the Employee: 0%
Competent Organization
Social Welfare Department

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