Reaching the Consumer in Hong Kong SAR

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Computer peripherals, medicines, auto parts and accessories, safety equipment, cosmetics and hygiene products, luxury products, tourism and services.
Consumer Behavior
The purchase decision of Hong Kong consumers is determined by the price, quality, technical specifications of the product and after sales service. The consumers look for products of very good quality sold at a competitive price. The brands are chosen for their safety guarantee.
English-speaking and open to Western culture, the people of Hong Kong do not have preference only for national products. In terms of marketing, the brands that are chosen from Asian fashion icons as well as Western celebrities..
It must however be noted that the expenses are strongly linked to the share market activity and the real-estate price. (35% of the household expenses are on housing)
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
People of Hong Kong are well informed consumers. They like innovative products which are generally in line with Korean and Japanese products. The consumers are concerned about their health and well being. As a proof, the nutritional supplements are very popular in Hong Kong.
The average household income in Hong Kong is 15,500 HKD.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
The people of Hong Kong rarely take recourse to consumer credits.
Consumers Associations
Consumer's council

Media in Which to Advertise

Television is one of the dominant advertising media in Hong Kong.
Newspaper advertising is also an important means of publicity.

Direct marketing is widespread in Hong-Kong. Effective when used in a focused and just manner.

In Transportation Venues
Large neon displays are present on the streets of Hong Kong. The means of transport are an important means of promotion.

Market Leaders:
Advertising in transport
Advertising messages on the radio help in reaching to a large public.

Main Radios
Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company Limited
Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited
Radio Television Hong Kong
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
Internet is the advertising medium which has witnessed the most rapid growth. Advertising by mobile internet represents only a small part of advertising which is done through internet. Advertisers also use telephone and video games for their communication.

Market Leaders:
DDB Worldwide Ltd
Main Advertising Agencies
Members of Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies (AAAA) in Hong Kong

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

According to Code of Conduct of AAAA, advertising for alcohol is reserved for adult public and should not be displayed to children. Warnings against drunken driving should be given.
Advertising for cigarettes is prohibited on traditional media (tv, radio, transport, etc). The health risks should be indicated in writing. Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance.
Advertising on medicines should not encourage consumption of those taken for prevention or treatment of similar illness. Undesirable Medical Advertisements Bill.
Other Rules
Regulations for advertising on Internet : Guideline on Regulation of advertising material for deposits issued over the Internet, Internet advertising.
Code of advertising practices in Hong Kong
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
Cantonese and English, are the oficial languages of the territory.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
Association of accredited advertising agencies (AAAA)
Government of Hong Kong
Legislative Council
Tobacco Control Office (TCO)

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