Dining in Hong Kong SAR

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Price Indications

Economy Meal 10-50 HKD
Medium Price Meal 50-120 HKD
Good Quality Meal 120-250 HKD
Food Specialties
Hong Kong's cuisine is Chinese, with some specialities.
The hundred year eggs : a popular dish found in Hong Kong's cuisine. The eggs age for two or more months, in a mixture of lime-rich mud, tea, ash and sodium bicarbonate. Their meat become translucent, bluish-green in colour. They are often included in hors-d'oeuvres (appetizers).
Spring rolls : small flatbreads stuffed with rice. The stuffing depends on the available ingredients, preferences of the cook, etc. In total, you can have what you want, from simple to complex.
Spareribs in black bean sauce: a very tasty pork dish .
A wide choice of drinks is usually available, nearly always including yuenyeung, a popular preparation of tea and coffee (), cocoa with lemon-coated ginger. THe orders are usually given on a notepad at your table and you pay in cash at the time of leaving.
Dietary Restrictions
There are no food restrictions in the country.
Table Manners
Be rather relaxed in Hong Kong, although there are some etiquette rules. If in doubt, observe what others do. For sitting at the table, wait till you are offered a seat, and preferably wait till your host has started to eat or invites you to start the meal. As in China, the dishes are most often laid at the center of the table on a turn-table and it will be acceptable to taste everything. It is common to use chopsticks but as a foreigner it is alright to ask for a fork and knife. In South China as in Hong Kong, it may be common to wash the chopsticks and bowl (serving dish) with tea offered on the table. Wait and observe before drinking this tea because it is for cleaning and not to be served as a drink.

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