Reaching the Consumer in Hungary

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
In 2007 due to macro economic changes consumption of households dropped. However growing sectors are: IT and electronic appliances, travel, telecommunication.
Consumer Behavior
Traditionally price is really important in the purchase process of Hungarian consumer. Only a small percent of consumer trade price to quality. Consequently the importance of after sales service is also still quite marginal.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
Most of the consumers are purchasing only based on their needs. Most of the purchasing power is concentrated in a small portion of the population. This segment is quite impulsive. Hungarian consumers in general like national products.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
The average credit rate of the Hungarian households is 1791EUR, which is mostly used for IT appliances.
Consumers Associations
OFE , National association for consumer protection in Hungary
Panaszok , Association of Insured and consumers in Hungary

Media in Which to Advertise

TV advertsing has the most impact on Hungarian consumers. Spots during series, TV games shown in the evening will have the best result.

Main Televisions
MTV Magyar Televizio
RTL Klub
Duna TV
Newspaper readership remains in the middle tier of European countries. Foreign ownership dominates in the press. Hungary has 10 national and 24 local dailies. All of these newspapers are privately owned, by foreign owners in the majority of cases.
The average return on your efforts is 1%-3% return for the contacts made. Therefore, the more contacts the more responses you'll receive.
In Transportation Venues
There are more and more advertising in transportation, by the roads, at red lights, but the impact is very difficult to asses.

Market Leaders:
Radio advertising is not as strong or efficient as the TV.

Main Radios
Hungarian National radio station
Danubius Rádió
Sláger Rádió
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
Advertising is mostly done on Internet, with pop-up messages, or through email, but those messages often go to spam. Also advertising using Bluetooth is more and more popular.
Main Advertising Agencies
Act International

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

Alcohol advertisements must not target minors or encourage excessive consumption, must not link consumption to enhanced physical performance, social or sexual success and must not claim that it is a stimulant, a sedative or a means of resolving personal conflicts.
Tobacco advertising on television has been banned in the EU since the 1990s, governed by the TV Without Frontiers Directive. The EU Tobacco Advertising Directive bans tobacco advertising in printed media, radio, Internet and sponsorship of cross-border events or activities. For more information visit the European Union website.
The advertising of medicinal products for human use is regulated by Council Directive 2001/83/EC. Generally speaking, the advertising of medicinal products is forbidden if market authorization has not yet been granted or if the product in question is a prescription drug. Mentioning therapeutic indications where self-medication is not suitable is not permitted, nor is the distribution of free samples to the general public.
For more information, visit the European Union website.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
If there is foreign language used in the advertising the meaning has to be also mentioned in Hungarian.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
National Radio and Television Commission (ORTT)
Association of Hungarian Content Providers (MTE)

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