Domestic Transportation in Hungary

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Means of Transport Recommended in Town

Budapest is served by an efficient public transportation system, based on three subway lines, supplemented by a comprehensive bus, tram, and trolley system. Taxis are also readily available. Phoning for a taxi from one of Budapest’s major companies, rather than hailing off the street, helps ensure the appropriate fare.
Maps of Urban Networks
Budapest subway
Budapest Transport Company
Urban Transport Agencies
Debrecen Transport Company
Miskolc Transport Company
Szeged Transport Company
Pécs Transport Company
Find an Itinerary
Finding an itinerary in Budapest
Taxi Companies
Budapest tourism office

Transportation From Airport to City Centre:






Car Rental
Budapest - Ferihegy (BUD) 16 km / 10 miles HUF 5200 / 25 min HUF 2300 - Available

Means of Transport Recommended in the Rest of the Country

Railway lines crisscross the country to connect most cities. The "Inter-City" line provides first-class, express service to several cities. A hydrofoil ferries passengers to Vienna and Bratislava. Hungary’s highways, which are generally good, are undergoing a major improvement to meet EU standards. Express toll highways connect Budapest west to Vienna, south to the Serbian border, and east (almost) to the Ukrainian border.
Rail Companies
Hungarian Rail Company
Hungarian Rail Company's time


Name Type Domestic Flights International Flights
Malév National None Yes
British Airways National None Yes
Sky Europe Low-cost None Yes
Air France National None Yes
Easy Jet Low-cost None Yes
Air Berlin Low-Cost None Yes

You Can Consult the List of Airlines Banned Within the EU. Look Also at the rating of the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


Traveling By Yourself

Motorway network in good condition, but it is a toll motorway. Blood alcool level 0g/l. Be careful when crossing same level railway crosses as the signalisation is not perfect. Headlights are compulsory outside of towns, even during the day. No problem with refueliling. Road signalisation is in Hungarian according to EU standards.
Driver's License
Depending on your nationality, you may or may not have to naturalize your dirving license when travelling to Hungary. More information on
Conditions For Renting a Vehicle
18 years for categories A to C, 23 years for categories D to H. Renter or driver named in the contract must be in possession of : a valid driving licence for at least one year, a valid passport or ID card and a classic type of credit card with 400 Euro deposit.
Rental Agencies
Tolls or Taxes
Information available on the website Motorway.
Road Maps
Maps offered by T-online
offers map of Budapest, and some other settlements
can find streets in Hungary's major cities
Find an Itinerary
Route finder
For international routes
Traffic Conditions Online
Official body for traffic
Parking Facilities
In most cities there are parking meters, however in Szeged for instance the parking ticket needs to be purchased at newsagents or tobacco stores.

Rules of the Road

Minimum Driving Age
Side of the Road For Driving
Speed Limits
50 or 30 in town, 90 km / h on National road, 130 km / h on Motorway.
Safety Belts
Permitted Amount of Alcohol in the Blood
0 g/l
National Roads Organizations
MInistry of Economy and Transport
National Transport Authority

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