Dining in Hungary

Overview by Globlatrade.net:
Categories of Restaurant
  • A borozó, a sörözo, or an eszpresszó.
A type of bar
  • Kávéház, cukrázda.
Coffee place where they also serve cakes, pastries.
  • Csárda
Offers local specialties with a traditional atmosphere.
  • vendéglÅ?, kisvendéglÅ?
A small, informal inn.
  • Étterem
Real restaurant.
Rules For Eating Out
Restaurants are open all day, from 11 am till 11-12 pm. They serve food all the way through .More and more often tips are included on the bill, in this case just leave the change, if not a tip of 10% is expected to be left.

Price Indications

Economy Meal 5€ / head
Medium Price Meal 8€ / head
Good Quality Meal +11 € / head
Food Specialties
- Halászlé: a spicy soup made with freshwater fish and paprika;
- Gulyás - Hungarian goulash is a hearty beef, capsicum and paprika soup;
- Western goulash is called pörkölt or tokány;
- Gundel palacsinta: pancake served with walnuts, raisins, lemon rind, chocolate sauce and rum;
- Paprikás csirke: paprika chicken;
- Kolbasz: sausage spiced with paprika.
- Tokaji: strong dessert wine;
- Bull’s Blood: strong red wine;
- Pálinka: brandy;
- Unicum(herb liqueur).
Dietary Restrictions
Table Manners
Same as in Western Europe.

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