Banking and Finance in India

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  • Financial Services Sector

    For the fourth straight year, India has narrowly edged out China to emerge as the world’s top recipient of officially recorded remittances.

    UK Trade & Investment on 2 Dec 2012 related to Banking and Finance in India

  • India Business & Travel Guide: Bengaluru

    The guide addresses practical aspects of doing business in India like access to reliable information and who to contact for personal and business assistance while in Bengaluru, India.

    Entry India, LLC on 22 Nov 2010 related to Banking and Finance in India

  • Are you ready to export to India...

    'Preparation' is the key to succeed in the interntional market and particularly in India. This articles primes you with the items that you must pay special attention to before starting with exporting your products.

    Entry India, LLC on 7 Dec 2010 related to Banking and Finance in India

  • Financial Fraud, Cyber Scams and India – A Small Survey

    India is a major concern for the global community. The introduction, growth and utilization of information and telecommunication technologies have been accompanied by an increase in illegal activities

    Daniel Rathinaraj, University on 31 May 2010 related to Banking and Finance in India

  • Sensex is likely to touch 50,000 by 2015

    Bombay stock market’s key index, SENSEX (i.e., Sensitive Index, which is composed of 30 companies), should be comfortably placed at 15,622 on March 31, 2010, and around 50,130 in December 2015

    Evalueserve on 21 Apr 2010 related to Banking and Finance in India

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  • Methods of Payment in India

    Import financing procedures adhere to western business practices. The safest method of receiving payments is through an irrevocable letter of credit (L/C). The L/C should be payable in favor of the supplier against presentation of shipping documents through the importer?s bank. Importers open L/Cs '

    U.S. Commercial Service India on 6 Jan 2010 related to Banking and Finance in India

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