Supply Chain in India

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Customs Procedures

You need to obtain a Business Identification Number(BIN) from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade prior to filing of shipping bill for clearance of export goods.

You have to get authorized foreign exchange dealer code (through which export proceeds are expected to be realized) and open a current account in the designated bank for credit of any drawback incentive.

Whenever a new Airline, Shipping Line, Steamer Agent, port or airport comes into operation, they have to be registered into the Customs System.

Those exporters intending to export under the export promotion scheme need to get their licenses/DEEC book etc, registered at the Customs Station.

Export Taxes
No tax.
Exports are also exempt from consumption tax.
Export Clearance
After the receipt of the goods in the dock, the exporter may contact the Customs Officer designated for the purpose and present the checklist with the endorsement of Port Authority and other declarations along with all original documents. Customs Officer may verify the quantity of the goods actually received and thereafter mark the Electronic Shipping Bill and also hand over all original documents to the Dock Appraiser, who may assign a customs officer for the examination of the goods. If the Dock Appraiser is satisfied that the particulars entered in the system conform to the description given in the original documents, he may proceed to allow "let export" for the shipment.

For more information, visit: Indian Customs and Excise Gateway (ICEGATE) and Central Board of Excise and Customs.

Necessary Declaration
In case of export by sea or air, the exporter must submit the 'Shipping Bill', and in case of export by road he must submit 'Bill of Export'.

Controlling the Quality of the Products

Quality Control Organizations
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
Quality Council of India (QCI)

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