Dining in India

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Categories of Restaurant
  • Most restaurants are specialized according to the type of food they offer
Continental, Multi Cuisine, Fast Food, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Mediterranean; South Indian, Mughlai, Punjabi.
  • Bars & restaurants
Bars which can also serve food.
  • Road-side restaurants
‘Dhabas’ serve real authentic local food at very low prices. Favorite eating places for low-budget foreign tourists.
Rules For Eating Out
Rules vary from one establishment to another, but it is generally common to ask for the bill at your table after the meal.

A ‘tip’ is generally given after the meals; varies between 5-10% of the bill amount.


Price Indications

Economy Meal USD 5 - 8 per person
Medium Price Meal USD 10 -20 per person
Good Quality Meal USD 25 -75 per person
Food Specialties
IEach region in the country has its own cuisine and style of preparation.

Food is broadly categorized into six tastes - sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent. Side dishes and condiments are chutneys, curries, daals and Indian picklesl.

Milk-based desserts and gulab jamuns are popular.


Tea (often ready-brewed with milk and sugar unless ‘tray tea" is specified) and coffee are most widely drunk. Butter-milk (called ‘lasi’ in Hindi ) is a popular drink in the Northern parts of the country.

All forms of alcoholic drinks including wine are easily available in the country. Large quantity of beer is produced & consumed within the country.
Dietary Restrictions
The left hand is considered unclean and to use the left hand when eating or receiving food is considered vulgar and unclean.

Hindus consider the cow as sacred and never eat beef. Muslims consider the pig unclean and never eat pork. If they are not on the menu then one would not ask for them for risk of offending the restaurateur.

Table Manners
Wash hands thoroughly before sitting at the table as some Indian foods are primarily eaten by hand.
It is considered unhygienic to use your spoon or fingers to share food from someone else's plate once you have started using your own.

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