Business Practices in Indonesia

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The Fundamental Principles of Business Culture
Patience and self-control are desirable, as showing irritation is poorly thought of. Looking for a consensus is omnipresent, as Indonesians do not like unequal relations or confrontation. You must make sure you have been understood correctly, as people often say "yes" out of politeness.
First Contact
The best thing is to be accompanied by a third party, who should be carefully chosen.
Indonesians (Muslims) greet each other by bowing and putting their hand on their heart, or bow with their hands together. When shaking hands, use your right hand.
How to Present Yourself
Introduce yourself by saying hello, then giving your first name and surname.
Business Relations
Personal interaction is much appreciated in business relations, and it is essential to establish good relations with your business partners.
It is not common practice to exchange gifts.
Business Communication
Be patient and avoid presenting different opinions agressively.
Dress Code
Relaxed town suits are acceptable. Suits, batik blouses and dresses, for women, are common dress code.
Visiting Cards
Professional cards are very often used. Use your right hand to give or take cards and treat the cards you are given with respect.
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