Reaching the Consumer in Ireland

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
ICT sector, pharmaceuticals, medical and health care devices, travel/tourism, engineering/design, financial services, sporting goods, building and construction products, hotel and restaurant equipment, food processing equipment, industrial machinery, power generation and air conditioning, refrigeration equipment.
Consumer Behavior
Quality is the main aspect for Irish consumers, then price and services. Young Irish people buy according to the brand or notoriety of the product. They pay attention to get a reasonable price. Adults favor brand and quality since their purchasing power is higher. Over 40 people especially focus on quality (clothing).
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
Ireland occupies the 3rd rank for purchasing power in the euro zone. Irish market is a medium range market. Household's consumption represents 48% of the GPD. Luxury sector is developing strongly. Irish people are opened to news products and are faithful to their favorite brands. Irish market is a medium range market.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
Consumer recourse to credit rate is one of the highest in the EU. Irish households have more debts than the average European households.
Consumers Associations
Consumer-connect , National Consumer Agency for consumers
NCA , National Consumer Agency
ECC Dublin , European Consumer Centre Dublin
BEUC , The European Consumers' Organization

Media in Which to Advertise

The Irish cable television system is available in urban areas with about one-third of the population having cable service, another third having multi-channel service, and the remaining one-third receiving only RTE television programming.
Advertising films must be approved before showing, by the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland .

Main Televisions
RTE-Radio Telefis Eireann (3 channels)
Tara TV (Ireland Office)
TV3 TV Network LTD-Ireland
Ireland has approximately 60 newspapers and 150 periodicals or trade magazines.

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

No advertising for alcohol would be booked by an alcoholic drinks advertiser or his agency or placed by the Broadcasters in any programming where more than 33% of the audience is under the age of eighteen years. No advertising for alcohol will be placed in any programming specifically aimed at children or young people. Visit the website of Advertising standards authority for Ireland.
In advertisement to which this regulation applies shall include an area which is not less than 30% of the total surface area of the advertisement in which is displayed, in accordance with the requirements specified in paragraph (5), parallel to the floor the health warning "Smoking kills" or the health warning "Smoking seriously harms you and others around you" and the following information. Consult The Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Regulation
Organizations Regulating Advertising
Institute of Advertising Practitioners

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