Sales Representative in Ireland

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Commercial Intermediaries

  • Main Actors
BWG Food limited, Gilmartin's, Leydens limited, M&P O'Sullivan, Cox's
Useful Resources
Wholesalers Ireland

Using a Commercial Agent

The Advantages
More realistic for a small or medium enterprise as concerns marketing strategy. Consumer goods are best sold through a distributor carrying stock for immediate delivery and sale, whereas capital goods and industrial equipment are more effectively marketed through a commissioned agent.
Elements of Motivation
Regular communications and visits to a newly appointed representative in Ireland are useful to establish successful relationships, get a better understanding of market specifics, trends, and developments, and to assist in the resolution of any early problems.
Finding a Commercial Agent
The Manufacturer' Agents' Association
Find Sales and Distribution Service Providers in Ireland on

Setting Up a Commercial Unit

Where to Be Vigilant
It should be considered especially with a long-term view.
Different Possible Forms of Settlement
  • A Branch Office
A branch is a considered division of a foreign company trading in Ireland that has the appearance of permanency, a separate management structure, and the ability to negotiate contracts with third parties, and reasonable financial independence.
  • A Company
The most basic form of company is the sole proprietorship. There are few legal formalities or costs associated with this form of business, which appeals to small enterprises.


Evolution of the Sector
The sector has experienced steady growth in recent years as the number of international franchise systems operating in Ireland continues to grow and indigenous franchise operations continue to expand both in Ireland and overseas. There are few regulations concerning franchising. The EU Regulation 4087/88 EEC provides a unified code for the 27 member states: price fixing, transfer pricing, non-competition clauses and exclusive dealing, exempts certain franchise agreements from the EU anti-trust regulations.
Some Big Franchises
O'Brien's , Sandwich Bars
Centra , food
MACE , food
Statoil , gas station
For Further Information
Enterprise Ireland
Irish franchise association

Finding Assistance

Export Trading Companies
Irish government
Recommended Resource
Develop your export projects with SUTRALIS
Find more on about Selling to Ireland.

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