Dining in Ireland

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Categories of Restaurant
  • Cafes
Unforgettable cafes of Ireland! Different atmospheres for eating, drinking, listening to musik, etc.
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  • Bars
Friendly service. Traditional musicians. Informal setting.
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  • Restaurants
Fine dining in various exotic interiors.
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Rules For Eating Out
Tax of 10 to 12% in restaurants. If you want to give tips, give 10% of the bill. Click here for information on eating out in Ireland.

Price Indications

Economy Meal 5 to 8 EUR
Medium Price Meal 13 to 20 EUR
Good Quality Meal Over 20 EUR
Food Specialties
Barmbrack (a currant loaf), boxty (potato pancakes), scones.
Dublin Bay prawns, seafood, smoked salmon, trout...
Oysters (served with Guinness and wholemeal bread).
Irish stew ( mutton, lamb or juicy beef, served with potatoes, stock, onions, carrots and garlic).
Crubeens (pigs’ trotters).
Colcannon (a mixture of potatoes and cabbage cooked together).
Soda bread.
Soufflé made with carrageen (a variety of seaweed).
Guinness, Kilkenny, whiskey, stout, tea...
Dietary Restrictions
There are no specific restrictions.
Table Manners

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