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Since the country has a highly qualified manpower but is deficient in raw materials, the industry has concentrated today on high value-added products, in developing products based on Israel's own scientific creativity and technological innovation.
The most important sectors of the country are pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, software, electronics and telecommunications industries. The Israeli diamond industry is one of the most important in the world.

Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
Association of Contractors and Builders in Israel
Israeli Association of Software Houses (IASH)
Israeli Association of Electronic and Software Industries (IAESI)

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
The Israeli OEMs are generally electronic component manufacturers. For example, they also supply the software industry (Exanet) and the high technology sectors in general, like CMT Medical.
Original Design Manufacturers
Israeli OEMs are present in the automobile industry ( Alex Original Ltd.). Israeli OEMs are also known for their expertise in optical equipment ( Applitec).
Generally Israeli subcontractors are found in the high value added sectors and particularly in aeronautics as the example of Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.
Useful Resources
Israeli Association of Manufacturers
Center for Industrial Research and Development

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