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Customs Procedures

Import Procedures
For importing into Israel, there must be an import licence issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, a certificate from the Standards Institute which establishes that the product conforms to Israeli standards.
Specific Import Procedures
There are special certificates for certain imported products on demand from the competent authority (Health Ministry, Transport Ministry, etc.).
The Kosher certificate is needed for food products.
Importing Samples
For import, export and re-exports of trade samples the ATA book can be used For further information, visit the website of The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce.

Customs Duties and Taxes on Imports

Average Customs Duty (Excluding Agricultural Products)
The average customs duty of non-agricultural products is 4.54% according to UNCTAD (2006). This is a low rate.
Products Having a Higher Customs Tariff
Generally speaking, the customs duty for industrial products are rather low, or even nil, while the duties for agricultural products are higher.
For more information on the rate of customs duties for different products, consult the database of the Finance Ministry.
Preferential Rates
Israel has signed a few bilateral agreements with the European Union, the USA (lifting off of customs duties and quantitative restrictions for industrial products, and accords on agricultural produce), European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Turkey.
Customs Classification
Harmonized System
Method of Calculation of Duties
Ad Valorem on the CIF value of the goods.
Import Taxes (Excluding Consumer Taxes)
Certain imported products bear other taxes which are added to the customs duties: a purchase tax (on the finished products and imported goods like vehicles, cosmetics, alcohol or tobacco), safeguard duties (on a limited number of imported products), antidumping or countervailing duties (on products which are proven to have benefitted from subsidies).
There is another tax: port tax which represents 1.1% of the CIF value.

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